In Transit

In Transit Free

Sat 18.03 / 13:00 - 16:30 / free / Gent-Sint-Pieters Station / expo

During En Route, you may catch a glimpse of In Transit. Seven city draftswomen - Ruth De Jaeger, Shamisa Debroey, Vigdis De Cauter, Martha Verschaffel, Ephameron, Nina Vandeweghe and Charlotte Peys - go looking for hidden narratives in the city, collecting stories through words and pictures. The images are created by a prolonged, perhaps never-ending dialogue with city residents and their environment, the city and Vooruit.

On Saturday, March 18th, they will start in a transit zone: the Sint-Pieters train station. At the end of the day they will report back about the commuting world at Vooruit Café, with cake, tea and bubbles. And of course lots of stories to share.

image (c) Martha Verschaffel